Secure, Safe Storage of Your Collection.

Estate transition

Guns have been family heirlooms for generations. With each passing of ownership the guns typically will increase in value.

Even if you are not an enthusiast, your new assets could prove quite valuable to you.

Our storage program would help ensure the safety of your assets as well as piece of mind that your weapons are not a safety risk for you or your family.

Our consignment program may be a good option if you decide to sell.

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In Home Safety

Firearms Safety Evaluations

One aspect of firearm ownership is home protection. But sometimes your home cannot properly accommodate your growing collection.

This becomes a safety concern and until now, there has not been a safe legal solution.

That’s why we created our long term storage program. We will properly clean and prep store your firearms, for long term storage, in our ultra secure vault.

Periodic inspections and maintenance can also be provided.

NJ has very strict firearm ownership laws in place. We can educate you on how to legally use of your firearms in your home, on your property and while traveling.

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Potential Legal Issues

Ok, here is where things can get ugly.  While we will not interfere or “hide” any weapon that is eligible for legal seizure, we can educate you and provide options for the safe return of your weapons if you are legally allowed to have them back.

In the event of a legal seizure of your weapons, they will typically fall into the hands of people that DO NOT CARE about preserving their condition, that you have spent years maintaining.

There are specific timeframes and rules that must be taken by the prosecutors in the event of a seizure.  It is in your best interest to know them and let us help you protect your investment.

In the unfortunate event, that you can no longer, legally own your guns, then we can offer our consignment program to help you get some money back.

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Protect Firearms From Divorce

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Long & Short Term / Extended Vacations

Like to take long or frequent vacations? Maybe you have a vacation home or 2.  Unfortunately it is not so easy to travel with your guns in the US.

That is where our “Gunsitters” program comes in.  We can provide safe and secure pickup and delivery of your firearms while you vacation without any concerns of there whereabouts.

The majority of home burglary happens while you are away.  Although insurance may cover the value of you collection, it will not help you if your stolen guns are used in a crime.

Don’t worry any longer, we will clean and take special care of your “babies” while you are jetsetting about.  Think of it like sending them on a vacation too.  You may send your pet to the “pet spa” while your away. Why not your guns?