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Home Firearms Safety Course


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**Classes begin at 9:30am

This course is designed for the novice firearms enthusiast. It consists entirely of classroom time, with no live fire portion. Students will learn how to properly handle, store, and clean a firearm, how ammunition works, how to identify different types of firearms and actions, and how to safely unload a firearm.

Course Outline:

  • Rules for safe gun handling

    • Major causes of accidents
    • Basic Elements of safety
    • Three fundamental safe gun-handling rules
    • Safety when storing firearms
    • Responsibility to teach safety to children


  • Identifying and unloading different types of firearms

    • Define handgun, rifle, & shotgun
    • Identify different handguns and their parts Unload handguns
    • Identify different rifles and their parts Unload rifles
    • Identify different shotguns and their parts Unload shotguns
    • Identify muzzle-loading firearms


  • Practical Exercises

    • Unload and handle firearms mentioned above
    • Types and function of ammunition
    • Identify different types of rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition
    • Explain the firing sequence of a cartridge and shotshell
    • Cleaning and storage of firearms
    • Demonstrate proper disassembly and cleaning of firearms
    • Explain how to store firearms and ammunition properly
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